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                               Stylish Storage Solutions

    Red accent storage basket

    This maroon  colored basket has a variety of autumn leaf colors in accent stripes all over, and is waterproofed for use indoor and out, kitchen and bath. 

    Consider the possibilities- open shelving in the garage, craft room or bath can have colorful baskets for storage and organization!

    10 x 8 rounded oval shape, 5 inches tall.


    Oak and Ash

    This understated, elegant storage basket has warm, smooth, distinct ash wood grain that complements the strength of the matte oak basket reed. It is a wonderful natural accent for the home office.

    If there is someone on your gift list, it's the perfect size for a jar of locally made jam and a bar of artisan soap as well!

    7 1/2 x 7 inch oval, 4 inches tall