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Basket Weaving Classes: Learn how to weave a basket out of Split Oak Basket Reed 


Basket weaving is a skill that centers on simple repetition, and to some degree, quality control.

The concept of basket weaving is simple, and becomes easier to do the more that you try!


If you are interested you can make a basket for yourself at the class and take home supplies ( for a small fee) to make one on your own for a gift for a friend!











Classes are available for 1 to 5 students, ideally age 8 and up.


For classes Monday to Friday, classes are available-- just call two weeks before you want to hold it and we can make it happen!


For classes desired on weekends, please call to schedule a month and a half in advance. Many, if not all Saturdays I am at an art festival or Farmers Market for most of the day.

All materials are provided-- check out the kit above, with written instruction to back up in- person demonstration and hands- on learning.




        What skill have you learned today?



                     3 hour class: $65




ALL MATERIALS are provided to make a simple basket.

If you have specific colorful decorations in mind, please bring them!

( bulky knitting yarn, mardi gras bead necklaces, large wooden beads with big holes, ribbon )


Phone:( 8 Am to 10 PM) 850 855 9388

Facebook:  Handwoven by Design











For your inspiration, here is a picture of one of my earlier baskets-- with a lot of open spaces and holes and imperfections---




  Everyone is a beginner in a new skill once.


  With experience you will improve!



 Everyone is a beginner in a new skill that they try!

If you try iEveryone is t again you will improve!

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