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    Baskets with Dividers
                       Custom work ----------------------->

    Enjoy the beauty and utility of these divided baskets, easily organizing

    everything you need on the go or at home. For added convenience, some have

    custom sewn cloth covers and/ or cloth liners that are removable for washing.

    If you see a basket here that does not presently have a cloth cover and

    would like one, I can make one for that item for a $10 fee ( materials and time)






    Seen here, several long picnic or household storage baskets. generally, they are 22- 26" long, and between 6 and 8 inches wide. Fit under most coffee tables.


    If organizing the trunk of the car is something that you want to do, these are great for that purpose too! kids snacks, electronic gadgets, beach gear, you name it!











    Green one has SOLD. Call for custom orders.