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     Pine Needle Baskets--- a local tradition




Before plastic and glass were around to be used as carrying devices for water, ceramics, gourds and leather bags were used to carry water and wine around.Pine Straw was added to the tops of gourds, leather pieces, and wood discs to make containers, sewn onto the base media with sinew or cordage sourced from grasses and plants.


In the Americas, Pine needle vessels have been used for ceremonial and everyday use vessels. The method of weaving a basket with pine straw produces a basket that is very dense and sturdy. Hats, water carrying vessels and food storage are some uses for large pine straw weavings.


Below are featured some miniatures, small ring bowls and other items. Enjoy the  aromatic reminder of their source!





                  Long leaf Pine,                                              Finished Product 

harvested from Fort Walton Beach, FL                  an elegant, timeless  necklace



Wearable art!

Pine Straw pendants, for necklaces and key chains.


A variety of pendants are available. Presently, tree of life, cats and crosses are popular. I also found some lucky shamrocks! Choose your lucky charm today. Some turtles, as well, are available. call for current selection, and I can text you a photo of them!

 (850) 855 9388



$10  small ( shown here )

$ 20 Large or elaborate

Lucky charms two.jpg

On the left, Angel Fish. Above,  two lucky charms. Please specify Ring style  (three dimensional) or flat (right).   


They are so delicate, and yet so bold.

Here are two reversible or 3-D pendants for necklaces or keychain accents.

Purple forest butterfly is flying through a wooded glen., 

Sunkissed flier is in broad day;light roaming a field, reflecting the yellow and gold of the sun.

When ordering, please specify the total length of the hand- braided hemp necklace chain ( example: 14" tight choker, 26" median length, 32" long).

Or a keychain loop

$8 each

four crosses.jpg

Bejeweled Turtle

The bold colors in the emerald green and white beads reflect the jewel tomes on the 3-d turtle in the middle.  Slightly larger than a quarter.

Above, several crosses. inspired by the spirit of the pine straw as I was divinely inspired to sew these flat shield forms, bowl and ring forms out of pine straw and waxed cord..

The smallest are the diameter of a quarter in size, larger about two quarters tall.

Cross 1- matte tan beads

Cross 2- Bronze shielded cross

Cross 3- True Believer with blue beads, ring form

Cross 4- Pink Cross

For ordering purposes, please specify total length of hand- braided hemp necklace chain, or key chain loop, or no chain.

$8 each, including chain if desired.

pink cross.jpg
jeweled turtle.jpg



Robin of Springtime

Large pendant for a necklace or wall art. It is about three times the size of a quarter.

Please choose a necklace chain, hand braided hemp, between 14 and 32 inches long( total length of chain).


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