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         Pine Needle Baskets--- a local tradition




    Before plastic and glass were around to be used as carrying devices for water, ceramics, gourds and leather bags were used to carry water and wine around.


    In the Americas, Pine needle vessels have been used for ceremonial and everyday use vessels. The method of weaving a basket with pine straw produces a basket that is very dense and sturdy. Hats, water carrying vessels and food storage are some uses for large pine straw weavings.


    Below are featured some miniatures, small ring bowls and other items. Enjoy the  aromatic reminder of their source!





                      Long leaf Pine,                                                                Drying the needles,  

    harvested from Fort Walton Beach, FL                                         for at least one month,

                                                                                                     as beautiful home decoration!

    Wearable art!

    Pine Straw pendants, for necklaces and key chains.


    A variety of pendants are available. Presently, tree of life, sliced shells and turtles are popular. I also found one mermaid! Catch her before she swims away.



    $8  small ( shown here )

    $ 10  Large or elaborate

    .Coil Baskets-- a variation on the theme



    A round banded basket sewn together with Crochet Cotton  cord, this coil basket represents two weeks of work. Teal and black stripes follow each other from the center to the top  row!


    Perfect for a jewelry box or a sewing kit, as seen here!





    This example is sold, but a similar one can be made just for you!

    Coming Soon-- pictures of some sets of drinks coasters,

        A set of two pine straw coasters with yellow leather centers.


    Flat coil baskets made out of Parachute Cord. Currently black/ maroon and Turquoise/blue available.

    Individual Coasters-- $15

    Set Discount- negotiable.



         NEW--- well, not a new idea, but a wonderful inspiration---


        Leather base Pine Straw Baskets

    These beauties can be decorated on the base with a dedication or monogram with a burning tool, and create a non- scratch surface as well!


    Rectangle:  $20


    Flared Round ( 2" tall): $25 


    Other leather- based baskets available.

    Price range $20 - 45



    Custom shape/ size of leather base available.

    Leather colors available: yellow, black, white, natural.

    Colors of sewing cordage available: brown, tan, black, red