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sweet grass knitting ball full view.jpg

Creative Knitting Baskets

Sometimes a basket decides to be a different shape than I originally plan it to be, and that is how these creatively shaped baskets came into being.


Enjoy getting crafting ideas when you use these beauties!

Teal knitting ball

This spherical basket wanted to be thoroughly round.  I made this one in 2019, the year of teal., when aqua and teal and turquoise were very popular. Small wonder why, these calming colors are wonderful and warm.

Should accommodate a medium sized project like a small throw blanket for the living room.

11 inches in diameter, 11 inches tall. the handle adds five inches on top of the basket.


Teal Tranquility knitting ball top view.
Teal tranquility knitting ball side.jpg

Sweet Grass knitting basket

This  traditional egg basket decided to have a flat top. Therefore, to work with its nature and have some fun, the pointed oval opening keeps balls of yarn from escaping.

Because of its unique profile, you can also hang it on a hook on the wall as decoration when you are not knitting.

Perfect for small projects like dish cloths, soap scrubby bags, and scarves ( for project ideas, email handwovenbydesign@gmail.com )

12 inches long, 11 inches wide, 13 inches tall.


sea grass knitting ball detail.jpg
sweet grass knitting ball full view.jpg

There are more to come in late June, some knitting baskets that I am waterproofing. These double as gardening baskets too.   See you then!