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                                                         Palm Frond Baskets

​The palm tree is known in Hawaii as the tree of a hundred uses.  With the use of a sharp knife and a pair of leather gloves, basket reed can be split from the branch. The leaves are smooth and flexible, and naturally water resistant.


These tote bags and  baskets are very durable, having the thickness of the reed and the flexibility of the leaves.





On the left: densely woven palm branch  basket.


I would use it for a knitting project . . .

                                  . . .or bath towel storage!



Shallow--- SOLD

Tall potato harvester



On the right, a tall- handled harvesting basket. the 9 inches

from the top of the handle to the body of the basket

allows to carry and fill with peaches, tomatoes or potatoes!









Palm Leaf fruit baskets

Palm fronds are naturally water resistant, even when they are off the tree. This is the perfect media for a fruit basket in the kitchen, allowing for elegant storage and ease of cleaning up in the kitchen.

Palm leaves grown and harvested in Florida!


$12 and up











Rustic Palm branch fruit basket

The materials to make this basket were trimmed from a date palm tree to make the tree happier.

Here's to this rustic basket making your kitchen better organized, as a place to put the fruit,

or your front porch  more beautiful with a hanging plant.

Hang it from a hook or on a hook from anywhere in the Star of David hexagon design.

13 by 9 inch oval, 9 inches tall.

















palm baskets.jpg

Bushel Baskets-- made with hand- split basket reed.


One branch from a date palm tree can provide leaves for the baskets seen above

as well as five good pieces of basket reed and some smaller pieces of reed.



These round and oval shaped baskets are made from hand- split basket reed!


$30 to $60


Seen here, $30 options



16 to 20 inches across, ten to 15 inches tall. the one on the left

has sturdy handles.

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