Laundry Baskets

As a basket weaver, I truly enjoy making huge baskets, for their uses around the house.

Storing bolts of fabric, wood storage in the garage, and laundry-- that is what I use them for!

This triangle- shaped space saver is 16 inches per side.


Country Blue Laundry Basket

Pastel blue and natural oak basket reed are tightly woven for a strong, flexible laundry basket.


I was inspired to use this color because of the fabric I found, with tan yellow and blue. This fabric is a custom made liner bag with a zipper closure.

13 inches in diameter. it is 17 inches tall.


Wild River Cane
River Cane is a tall grass that has the strength of bamboo. When prepared for  weaving  by soaking in water, or using  fresh cut cane, it is moderately flexible. Therefore, this one is not quite perfectly round. It had a mind of its own.  When dried out, cane is rigid and holds its shape really well.
                                                                                                                     24 inches wide, 10 inches tall.
​Lucky Sevens
Seven branches of a palm tree and their leaves are the raw materials of this basket.
No part of the branches were wasted! It has two tall, reinforced carry handles
and is big enough to throw pillows and blankets into in the guest bedroom or the living room.
24 inches across, 19 inches tall. the handles are about three inches taller than the rest of the basket.

Creative Corner Coordination

This is the perfect storage basket for the living room or guest room. A  cloth ribbon in brown comes with it, woven into the the open weave section. feel free to change out the color of the decoration for your colors or the season!

15 inches in diameter, 10 inches tall.


Royal Purple laundry basket

Vibrant bright purple hexagons encircle this flexible, strong basket. It is waterproofed, for many years of use in the bathroom, laundry room, or poolside for towels!

Alternate use: put a piece of glass on top and create a side table! 

14 inches in diameter, 16 inches tall.


Here is the base- beautiful triangles and hexagons

True Blue Laundry basket

This twill basket with running waters of blue weavers-- an elegant combination. The twill weave pattern is flexible and strong.

19 x 15 inches, oval in shape. 9 inches tall.


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