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    Laundry Baskets


     Lovely Laundry baskets

    If you are looking for a flexible  and durable laundry or living room storage basket, several are available. I like playing with colors and have found that many of you like bright color accents too!

    Given their large size, 18 to 21 inches, or more, local delivery in the Fredericksburg, Stafford, King George, Richmond and Springfield areas of Virginia is available.



    On the right, a space- saving triangle shaped laundry basket.  Natural oak basket reed and smoked brown reed are woven in a Shaker Cheese Basket weave for flexibility and  resiliency. The base is reinforced, as seen, and the carrying handle is made from several long ribs that extend into the basket proper.

    Pick it up using any of the hexagon- shaped gaps or by the convenient carrying handle!

    16 inch triangle, 20 inches tall. the reinforced handle is 4 inches tall.









    Contact Alice at (850) 855 9388 for the above or a custom piece to coordinate with your home!



    Oak   and Palm Laundry basket

    16 inches round, 27 inches tall. 

    The palm leaves add flexibility to the basket and the oak provides structure.



    Wild River Cane
    River Cane is a tall grass that has the strength of bamboo. When prepared for  weaving  by soaking in water, or using  fresh cut cane, it is moderately flexible. Therefore, this one is not quite perfectly round. It had a mind of its own.  When dried out, cane is rigid and holds its shape really well.
                                                                                                                         24 inches wide, 10 inches tall.
    ​Lucky Sevens
    Seven branches of a palm tree and their leaves are the raw materials of this basket.
    No part of the branches were wasted! It has two tall, reinforced carry handles
    and is big enough to throw pillows and blankets into in the guest bedroom or the living room.
    24 inches across, 19 inches tall. the handles are about three inches taller than the rest of the basket.

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    Spring Laundry Basket

    Basket # L 6

    ​                                                                                                                                                                     The Base is filled in

    This bright basket has ventilation built in and a lot of organza ribbon for texture. the wide flare of the shape allows you to place many folded towels inside.  It will look great next to the pool or in a sunroom to store towels, toys or dirty clothes in the mudroom!

    Base is 9" x 9". It flares to a 17" diameter at 12" tall.


    Custom add- on: cloth handles to coordinate-- $5

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    Starfish Laundry Basket

    Basket # L7


    This durable basket features slot handles in two sides, reinforced in reed and

    then wrapped in ribbon that is hand sewed in place.

    This is the last laundry basket you will ever need to buy!


    This basket has a custom made laundry bag in white fabric with gold stripes

    and is stained " natural" so as to be waterproof.

    Dimensions: Base is 10" x 11". It is 21" tall, and the top measures 13" x 14.