Handy Hanging Baskets

Because storage and art do not have to be separate in your home!

Pass the rolls!

This one wanted to be different!

The small square base flares to a 10 inch round basket for all kinds of uses in the kitchen. 

Generous handles rise three inches above the basket for  a  colorful wall hanging basket when not in immediate use.

Total height 7 inches, total width, 12 inches.


Be My Valentine

Love happens every day, and this adorable basket can remind your friends and family of that!

The rectangle base opens up to an oval and has a reinforced handle for hanging on the wall or placing on a side table in the room of your choice.

5 1/2 inches tall, total height 10 inches.


Forest Green Handy basket

What a perfect accent for the entryway or the home office!

Total height 10 inches. basket is 6 by 7 inches oval.


Herb and flower hanging basket

This Victorian inspired gardening basket features diamonds in the accent color of Basket Reed. I saw it in a book, and thought of other uses for it besides harvesting long- stem flowers.  

Seen here, an excellent wall hanging basket for incoming or outgoing mail!

The handle grows out of the structure of the basket!

7 by 12 inches oval on top. the total height is 10 inches.


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