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Handy Hanging Baskets

flower Basket openweave.JPG

Because storage and art do not have to be separate in your home!


Herb and flower hanging basket

This Victorian inspired gardening basket features diamonds in the accent color of Basket Reed. I saw it in a book, and thought of other uses for it besides harvesting long- stem flowers.  

Seen here, an excellent wall hanging basket for incoming or outgoing mail!

The handle grows out of the structure of the basket!

7 by 12 inches oval on top. the total height is 10 inches.


Flower basket side detail.JPG
pastel palm with potato.jpg
green palm branch harvesting basket side

Rustic palm harvesting basket

Available at the Caledon wine and art festival on 6 november 2022

Create a rustic farmhouse look with this palm branch basket. the star of david weave, made of triangles and hexagons, is time- tested and strong.


The Date palm tree that this basket hails from was grown in Florida, an both the leaves and the long, fibrous wood of the branches were used to their maximum potential.


 Dimensions: 15 by 16 inches oval, 10 inches tall.

Pink palm branch harvesting basket top v
pink palm branch harvesting basket side

Pretty in Pink Palm Basket

Generous yardage of cloth straps are wrapped around the top of this basket, to make a bright statement in the sun room, kitchen island, or for generous wall- hanging storage in the bedroom.

I was inspired to make this one after reading about the durability of palm wood, from Hawaiian and Polynesian history.

Harvesting leafy greens or flowers from the garden is  a breeze, allowing dirt to sift out before you walk inside.

This shallow, 7 inch tall basket can be hung on a hook on the wall from any point in the structure for instant wall art.

Dimensions: an oval 15 by 14 inches. 7 inches tall


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