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I am a fiber artist who thoroughly enjoys experimenting with color, design and weave structure. I started in 1998 weaving landscape tapestries for my own enjoyment. After a lot of planning and then weeks or months of work, a picture in cloth is created that will stand the test of time.​

In 2008 curiosity drove me to attend a basket weaving class. Basket weaving differs from the weaving of fabric  in two important ways: the media used is much larger, and within hours, instead of months,  a basket can be completed. 

After some experimenting and improving of the quality and uniqueness of the baskets, I started making baskets to sell at Farmer Markets in 2013, a growing trend that helps connect local farmers, bakers and artists with their neighbors and re- create locally based capitalism, to benefit health and hard work. Farming is not for the lazy, and neither is being an artist. Learning and innovation are key.

One specialty that I have developed is transforming the traditional Pine Straw Weaving tradition, of sewing pine needles into watertight baskets ,into modern wearable art, by making adorable and elegant necklace pendants. It is becoming a challenge to keep up with demand, and this is a good thing.

The Best part about this trade and career is that there is always a new material or media to be explored, with its own specialized method of weaving a basket to last the test of time. The current research is in long ornamental grasses, similar to the sweet grass baskets known in the carolinas, to make coil baskets like Pine Straw ones. They have a slightly different pleasant perfume to them as well as texture.

I am also growing a palm tree and a willow tree to harvest from three times a year. The willow wood is strong and the bark a warm, dark gray in color.

If you have time, please peruse  the rest of this web page to read about the upcoming shows that I will be attending, and take a look at the baskets that are available for sale!

Handwoven by Design is located in Stafford, Virginia. If you live in the area and want to see the baskets in person, please contact me for an appointment.


                                                                                                    Thank you for your time,

                                                                                                    Alice Noyesthe media used is much larger, and within hours the basket can be completed


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