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    Market Baskets and Farm Stand Totes

    Farm stand totes!

    This is the best- selling design in purse baskets. They are designed to carry produce, and the larger size safely rests a carton of eggs in the bottom.

    The color and weave patterns available change, so call 850 855 9388 for the current selection.


    Small:   $35     Blue and green,cloth cover with a zipper.

    Large: Ash Handle ( above )$50

          Oak and ash( unstained natural wood), $45

           Midnight Blue   ( with organizing divider) $50

    Traditional Market Baskets

     These time- honored baskets feature a shaped wood handle that is woven into the base of the basket. 


    Ash and Oak trees are harvested for basket reed and weaving splints. seen below, warm Ash and white oak.

    Price range for Traditional Market Baskets:$25 to $70. Shown here, $45-$50



    Oak and Ash

    the square base flows to a 7 x 12 inch oval shape at 5 inches tall. The Reinforced woven and wrapped handle is 8 inches tall.

    The warm, shiny wood grain of the Ash complements the Oak basket reed.