Market Baskets and Farm Stand Totes

Ash Handled marke basket handle up.JPG
Ash Handled Market basket base.JPG
Ash Handled MarketBasketwith egg.JPG

Farm stand totes!

This is the best- selling design in purse baskets. They are designed to carry produce, and the larger size safely rests a carton of eggs in the bottom.

The color and weave patterns available change, so call 850 855 9388 for the current selection.

SOLD, this particular piece ( ash with handles) Supplies are on hand to make  a custom piece for you in these same colors.

Large: Ash Handle ( above )$50

      Oak and ash( unstained natural wood), $45


Large Ash Handle and Oak and Ash are available at the Long Family Market on October 10! Look at them in person and see if it wants to come home with you!

Ash and oak market basket.JPG
Ash and oak market basket with props.JPG

Oak and Ash

the square base flows to a 7 x 12 inch oval shape at 5 inches tall. The Reinforced woven and wrapped handle is 8 inches tall.

The warm, shiny wood grain of the Ash complements the Oak basket reed.


Sweet Potato Basket wine.JPG
Sweet Potato Basket detail.JPG
Sweet potato side detail.JPG

Sweet Potato basket

This unique basket is made of Oak  basket reed and sweet potato vines. I saved the vines when harvesting.

Stylish and fun to carry at the Farmers Market, too!

9 x 8 inches, 13 inches tall.