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Bicycle Cargo Baskets

When possible, I ride my bicycle to do errands around town for fun and fitness. I have made two baskets to add to the carrying capability of the bike for my own use.

    These two beauties are available at the Caledon Art and Wine Festival on November 6 2022. Please text or call 850 855 9388 if you'd like these. The festival is open 10 am to 4 pm.

Orange bicycle basket with helmet.JPG
Orange bicycle basket base detail.JPG
Orange bicycle basket.JPG

Sturdy trail companion

Enjoy cycling and carry all you need in front on the handle bars using this bike basket. A bungee cord or caribean clip will keep it on the bars, with easy release.

There is a rounded square wood form reinforcing the base of this basket. 

9 x 10 inch rectangle, 8 inches tall, 3 inch tall handles.


Forest green bicycle cargo basket

This  beauty is waterproofed for cycling adventures in all weather. The open weave hexagon pattern is flexible and strong.

Size: 8 x 7 oval in shape,  with sturdy handles that are extensions of the spokes of the basket.


Green openweve bicycle basket with props
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