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    Bicycle Cargo Baskets

    When possible, I ride my bicycle to do errands around town for fun and fitness. I have made two baskets to add to the carrying capability of the bike for my own use.


    In addition to those seen below, several made of locally sourced palm leaves with hanging straps woven into the basket are also available. 

    Clutch Purse Bicycle Basket

    ​Basket # BC 1






     But I want to make another one.

    This bicycle basket is made to be compact and useful. It has a hinged lid and cloth handle to use as a clutch purse when you arrive

    at your destination. Conveniently holds wallet, keys, cable bike lock and padlock. Sold with carribean hook and/ or bungee

    to attatch it to the handlebars.


    Dimensions: 4 1/2 x 9", 5" tall.




    Check out these bike baskets-- perfect for a jaunt to the beach or a family bike trip! These and all of the bike cargo baskets are designed to easily attach and detatch from the bike's handle bars to be used as a small picnic basket or purse.






                $35 each

















    For larger loads, try these on for size.


         $30 for the palm and black  

         bicycle-- or gardening-- basket.


          $45 for Mauve in Motion, complete with easy- clip buckles

     and long shoulder straps--

    if you want to go to the store or the beach.

                           Ride on!