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    The Square is available for credit card and chip card purchases at Farm Stands, festivals or  face- to face business interactions.

     Cash and check are always acceptable.

    If you see something that you are interested in buying , please contact Alice at  handwovenbydesign@gmail.com or on the phone at (850)855 9388.




    Handwoven by Design is relocating to northern Virginia, a land chock full of historic places and smiling faces. This summer, look for expertly woven baskets in the Fredericksburg or Stafford area!
    Yes,  shipping is available. Shipping charges vary significantly according to the distance that the box is being shipped, its weight and size. Weight is not really a concern, but the size of the merchandise, and therefore the box needed, will determine how much it will cost to ship.
       Price of Basket:--------------------------------------------->
       Shipping Charges (Post Office)  :
      * Small box: 12" x 10" x 8"             $6-16
    Medium box:15" x 12" x 10"           $8- 36   ---------->   
    Large box: 20" x 14" x 10"               $20- 49                                                                                             ____________                                                                                                  
    Total: --------------------------------------------------------------->
    * ceramic pieces cost extra because of the "fragile" status as far as the Post Office is concerned.


    You can phone or email me for delivery, shipping, and payment communications.
    For our mutual privacy concerns, Handwoven by Design does not discuss sensitive information including mailing addresses over facebook.
    Your personal information will remain confidential. I will not give any of your information to any third parties of any kind.