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Thoughtful Seasonal Gifts

halloween basket.JPG

Check out these easter baskets-- they double as elaborate gift baskets for a house warming or a silent auction for your favorite charity.  


The thin, but well- designed handles are sturdy and reinforced.


Kid- sized Easter: $20- $25  

Large Gift Baskets: $35

X- Large ( over 16" in diameter) : $50


halloween basket side.JPG
halloween basket.JPG

Colorful and festive for all the year!

There is a halloween decoration on one side of this basket. Sturdy construction and bright orange reed throughout.

8 x 9 inches, 12 inches tall.


Silent Auction Basket

A generously sized berry basket, this waterproofed basket is sturdily made and perfect for a fundraiser!

11 x 13 inches, 16 inches tall!


Silent Auction bsaket.JPG
Silent Auction basket wine.JPG

True Blue Easter Basket

An elegant deep blue sky is the feature of this gorgeous easter basket. The ten inch tall handle is reinforced, perfect for a potted plant up to 7 1/2 inches in diameter 9 including saucer).

In addition it is waterproofed for harvesting herbs and greens.

There are holes in the bottom to shake out the dirt outside when in the garden, to leave the dirt outside.

Enjoy this handsome, useful basket year round.

6 inches deep, for teh basket. Handle is ten inches.

A total of 16 inches tall, ten inches in diameter.


True Blue easter basket base.jpg
True Blue easter basket .jpg
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