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Baby Shower Baskets

 The following baskets will be beautiful and limitlessly useful to the parents and, in later years, perhaps the child too!

The distinguishing features in this category are either the satin trim on the top rim of the basket, or many stripes of super- soft yarn simulating a soft baby blanket.

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​SOLD to a happy customer.  A similar item is available for custom order.

It's a Girl- large tote

Basket # BSB 2





This deluxe Baby Shower gift basket is large enough to be a diaper bag to carry around.  Compartmentalized cloth liner available for $10

Base is 10" x 9". It is 9" tall, and the top scoops to be a 10" x 17" oval.

If you want to have a rounded rectangle on top instead, soak it in a hot shower for 30 seconds, reshape, and let dry for 24 hours.

$45 without Cloth liner bag

$55 with cloth liner bag


​Baby Shower Gift Basket

Basket # BSB 3


A smaller version of #BSB 2

$20 basket only

$45 with gift accessories of bib, burping cloths.



Soft yarn lends the basket a soft texture and more flexiblity than basket reed alone.

Won't this look so cute in the nursery?

When she grows up she can use it to put her dolls in!




Base is 7" square. total height is about 15". Handle is reinforced for a lot of love.


Cute as an easter basket or baby shower gift basket!








SOLD to a happy customer.


















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