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    The following baskets are made with a locally renewable resource-- Palmetto, Date

    and other species of Palm leaves!  When prepared for use they are elegant, and

    smooth as paper and as easy to use as the white oak wood basket reed.


    The leaves will fade in time from bright green to as pale as a greenish off white

    if in the sun a lot.


    Some styles of baskets in current production are:

    Small baskets for use as soap dishes and business card holders and entertaining friends at tea, generally 4 inches by 7 inches, $10

    Fruit baskets, generally 10 to 12 inches in a square shape. $15

    Laundry and Utility baskets:  12 inch by  15 inch base, 2 or three feet tall palm laundry baskets--- as durable as any on the market, using 12 fans of large palm leaves and 16 branches from small palmetto to strengthen the ribs vertically!   I use almost every part of the plant.


    Available by custom order.

                                                                                                   $90 to $120






    95% Palm leaf, 5% Basket Reed Baskets--- Go Green!