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    Distinctive locally made baskets

    Alice Noyes, Artisan


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    Alice Noyes

    Opportunities to meet the weaver:

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    New!   Rainbow Laundry basket. A beauty at 18 inches tall and in diameter.  A full working day of ten hours to make it.  $112.

    Upcoming events:


    January 11 and 25 South of the James Market, Richmond. A well known and very popular market, open nine to noon all winter on saturdays.


    Location: Forest Hill Park
    New Kent Ave & 42nd Street
    Richmond VA 23225








    am growing a palm tree and hope to find a willow to harvest from three times a year. The willow wood is strong and the bark a warm, dark gray in color.

    This piece is one half of the top of a willow tree, all branches and leaves included!

    Contact me for information about organic sculptures like this.

    Above, the very populart Shaker cheese basket weave Hanging Fruit Basket.    $15 to $40