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    ​Hardcase Flute Carriers    and     Sport Utility Baskets


    The following baskets have been designed for flute storing and carrying in mind, thanks to all of the wonderful help and advice that the welcoming and friendly community of vendors that I have met have offered to me in the Powwow community!

      There is considerable skill required to make a column or rectangle shaped basket 30" tall, maintaining the shape,  without it warping or twisting.

    To protect the beautiful flutes, I choose to fully line the baskets, with removable custom- sewn bags for washing.

    The dimensions of the smaller flute carriers coincides with the shape and balance of quivers for the storing and deploying of arrows in the sport of Archery. I do target practice in the back yard with a recurve bow and can tell you that they work perfectly as quivers!


          As with other categories of baskets, custom orders are welcomed. Your input will be followed as closely as possible for dimensions and basket decoration design and fabric selection, as we discuss.

    Seriously-- utility and art!

    Leather or camo cloth is available for strapping,

    for bow hunters.




    Flute cases can have custom cloth linings to protect your instruments. Just ask!





    Flute baskets 22" tall--$60

                                 26" tall-- $90

    Shown here is a quiver stained warm oak, with sturdy cloth shoulder strap.  The shoulder strap can be exchanged for  camo colors.



    Shown in this photo:  Some variation in one and two flute carriers.

    As in the previous photo, the yardstick shows scale, and is marked in 12" intervals.


     Simple 18" Flute Carrier ( or Quiver)     {hanging}


    Dimensions: 3 1/2" diameter at base, 5" diameter at top, 18" tall.



    Several quivers in natural brownish hues will be available in April.








    Running Water, in blue and Purple

    Basket # HFC 4

    $150 top cover and shoulder strap only

    ​$175 Fully lined and shoulder strap

    Cloth liner: quilted deep red.

    ​Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 26" tall



    On the left:  Palm Starfish Flute Carrier.  Below: detail shot of another side of the same, showing the starfish decoration.

    Basket # HFC 5


    The aesthetic of Palmetto Leaves is equally beautiful in a tote bag as a flute carrier.  The color of the palm will fade in time unless painted with clear spray paint or stained with wood stain ( see other pages to see the affect).

    This one carries 2 flutes. The liner bag will be made in either tan or green, and will not have a divider in the middle-- unless a customer requests a divided bag.

    Each bag is custom sewn so that the grommet holes woven into the basket match the loops in the bag for ease of inserting and securing to the basket.

    I am considering having some individual flute bags available  at the festival next year.

    Dimensions: 4 1/2" x 6 1/2", 27" tall.