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    Carry- on Luggage

     The convenience of flying for business or pleasure is that in most cases it is faster than driving.  The down side is the specific size of carry- on luggage that is permitted may not be a usable bag to use when you get to your destination.

    I have the solution to that problem.

    The following baskets are designed to be lightweight, strong and with easy- close tops. This example coordinates with the red checked baggage color!

    Shown here, Red Cross.




         In stock now is an orange and black backpack that approxamates these dimensions. Other Backpacks will also be useful as carry- on's.


     See also the selection of beach totes that are available. Though all are not listed on this website, I bring some to almost every show that I attend. Meet me at a farmstand or seasonal festival!





    Designed to easily fit under the seat in front of you.

    Compare to a wheeled carry- on!

     (in color and size)

    This  basket has a mesmerizing cross pattern in a soft red

    The drawstring cover is removable through grommet holes by untying the sash

    near the top and pulling the little loops out.

    When this basket is filled to the top you have a total of 16" of cargo space!

    Base is 11" x 6"  and it is 15" tall.

                       This exact basket has been sold. Call 850 855 9388 or email                

                        handwovenbydesign@gmail.com to order a custom basket!




    ​    Seriously, these are excellent carry- on's.   Mercedes, a potter at Full Circle Gallery in Fort Walton Beach, has one of these and she used it  to safely carry her ceramic art on the plane!