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    For centuries, traditional tribal societies have been using baskets for the same purpose that we have backpacks-- to use the strength of the torso and back to carry heavy loads.  


    These are strong enough to carry 20 pounds of  camping gear!

    Though lacking the property that cloth backpacks and rucksacks have to collapse into a relatively small pile of cloth when empty, the backpack baskets that I have woven are durable and make a statement.

    For short or long hikes,  picnics, going to the beach, or airline travel, consider carrying your gear in a backpack basket to free up your hands!


    These baskets feature grommet holes woven into the basket  through which I thread cloth shoulder straps.











                                  Style B1                                                                                                        Style B2

    An experiment in rounded design: success! basket backpacks with horizontal stripes, available in school spirit or sport team colors, by special order. Cloth covers with either drawstring or zipper closures. ( zipper closures add $2 for that item)


    The contour of the side of the backpack that rests against your back is surved to  tough at the shoulder and the waist, so that if it is hot or the bag is heavy, the shoulders take the weight!

      I have these two in stock now, and also take custom orders for the color of your choice. Pricing varies according to fabric and buckle costs.


    SIMPLE----- style B1

    The rounded blue and grey one is 7" x 12" at the base, growing to 15" x 10" ovaloid shape.  Standard strapping of 2" wide. drawstring cover.    $70

    Beading does not continue to back panel. recycled tee- shirts provide the blue and gray braiding.








    ALL THE BELLS AND WHISLES-- style B2  The orange chain backpack has shoulder straps made of flannel shirt cloth.


    Dimensions 10 1/2 x 5" base, 16" tall, at top 12 x 6".

    Includes removable organizer inside the lower half , removable drawstring cover and 5 x 12 x 8" zippered bag.


    ----And has a soft flannel panel on the back panel to make it comfortable to wear when wearing a tank top or otherwise backless shirt.                                                                         $90